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Haddonfield Divorce Lawyers

Haddonfield Family Law Attorneys Support Clients Through Divorce Negotiations in New Jersey

Divorce can be extremely acrimonious and often brings the harshest and most argumentative aspects of a relationship to the center stage of the proceedings. While this is often unavoidable, it complicates the divorce proceedings and can stand in the way of what both parties really want—to reach a fair divorce settlement in order to dissolve the relationship and move forward in their lives.

In many cases, minimizing the cost of a divorce is also one of our clients’ primary goals. Our seasoned divorce lawyers recognize that a lengthy divorce process is never economically advantageous, and bring all of our skills to work to negotiate diligently with the other party in order to reach a settlement as quickly as possible if that is in our client’s best interests. At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our Haddonfield divorce lawyers have both the skills and the resources necessary to help you reach a comprehensive and fair agreement without the necessity of resorting to a lengthy trial if at all possible in your case. Contact our offices today to schedule a free consultation with our experienced divorce attorneys.

Determining the Ongoing Cost of Divorce in Haddonfield, NJ

New Jersey has recently enacted reforms that can, in some cases, reduce the ongoing costs of a Haddonfield divorce, at least with respect to spousal support or alimony payments. While alimony will be an issue in many divorce cases—especially with respect to lengthy marriages—cases, where one party is required to shoulder the costs of spousal support indefinitely, have been largely eliminated. Despite this, one party is always entitled to seek alimony in a divorce, and resolving the terms of alimony or spousal support agreement can be one of the most fiercely contested aspects of the divorce.

Because alimony will no longer be permanent in any divorce settlement, an attorney can propose creative solutions that can allow the parties to reach an agreement more quickly and cost-effectively. Some potential options that our attorneys can propose, and rules that should be understood, include:

  • Eliminating alimony at retirement: Even if an alimony settlement is open-ended in duration, upon reaching full Social Security retirement age (currently 67), the paying spouse can cease making payments.
  • Importance of the marriage length: Alimony payments can no longer continue beyond the length of the marriage, except in certain exceptional cases where the marriage was at least 20 years long or additional exceptional circumstances are present. Even if the marriage lasted for 20 years, the alimony payments will be open-ended, rather than permanent.
  • Rehabilitation for the lower-earning spouse: Shorter duration alimony arrangements may be possible where the higher earning spouse is willing to help the lower earning spouse increase his or her earning capacity. This can be accomplished through funding the spouse’s education or certification in a vocation that increases that spouse’s earning potential.
  • Reimbursing the lower-earning spouse: In many cases, one spouse will have supported another spouse through education or training that increased the second spouse’s earning potential. In these cases, it can be helpful to suggest a lump sum payment that reflects reimbursement for this time.

When spousal support or alimony requirements can be negotiated without the necessity of judicial intervention, all parties win. At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our divorce lawyers can help you reach this goal if at all possible in your case. Contact us today to meet with our experienced team.

At Cordry Hartman, LLC, Our Skilled Divorce Lawyers Pride Ourselves on Resolving Divorces Through Negotiation

Divorce can be both emotionally and financially draining. At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our divorce lawyers understand the dramatic impact that divorce can have on a couple, and work tirelessly to help protect the interests of our clients at both levels. Our competent lawyers have the proficiency needed to formulate innovative and collaborative solutions that can help minimize the cost of divorce based on your individual circumstances and long-term goals.

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Our full-service team of divorce lawyers can provide the advice you need from start to finish so that you can move on with your life. Contact us today at (856) 235-4511 to schedule a confidential consultation for guidance on your divorce case. Our office is conveniently located at 505 S Lenola Rd Suite 224, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

Frequently Asked Questions About Haddonfield Divorce

FAQ: How much will it cost to get divorced in Haddonfield, New Jersey?

The unfortunately vague answer to this question is “it depends”. Even couples who choose to get divorced without a lawyer will be responsible for filing fees and other court costs that may become necessary if the couple is unable to reach agreement quickly. The cost of a lawyer also depends upon how long the case proceeds. Our experienced team of divorce lawyers are skilled in negotiation and are able to quickly evaluate the pieces that must be negotiated in any given divorce, and always strive to avoid a lengthy trial if at all possible. Of course, the parties’ willingness and ability to reach a compromise is the key factor in determining the final monetary cost of any divorce.

FAQ: In what areas of South Jersey does Cordry Hartman, LLC practice?

We serve clients throughout New Jersey, including in Cherry HillMt Laurel, Moorestown, HaddonfieldMarltonEveshamVoorheesMedfordCinnaminsonBurlington CountyCamden County, Gloucester County, Cape May County, Salem County, Cumberland County and Atlantic County.

FAQ: How does divorce impact my Social Security benefits?

If you have been married for at least ten years, you are entitled to collect Social Security based on your former spouse’s earnings as long as you are not married at the time. If your former spouse remarries, and you do not, you remain entitled to collect Social Security based on the former spouse’s earnings record. Your collecting benefits based on your former spouse’s record has no impact on their entitlement to Social Security benefits and does not impact the amount of benefits they will receive (it also does not impact their new spouse’s right to spousal Social Security benefits).

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