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Firm Overview – Cordry Hartman, LLC

Cordry Hartman, LLC: Our Firm’s Story

Originally named The Hartman Group, LLC, Cordry Hartman, LLC was formed by Frances Hartman and Richard Cordry over a decade ago in order to provide comprehensive family law representation to clients throughout South Jersey. We are longtime residents of the Moorestown, New Jersey area, and we chose to dedicate our time and efforts to supporting clients’ rights in their family law matters. Our attorneys understand the importance of family and are committed to helping you through every aspect of your family law matter.

We combine decades of experience in providing compassionate, smart family law advice with tenacious and highly successful litigation experience in order to provide you with exceptional legal representation no matter how contentious your family law matter may become.

Cordry Hartman, LLC is a Family Business Dedicated to Helping Families in New Jersey

At Cordry Hartman, LLC, we understand the emotional toll that divorce can have on the ex-spouses, and have dedicated our practice to helping clients minimize the damage that divorce can cause. We provide full-service legal representation to our clients, whether they are struggling over finalizing the terms of a divorce settlement agreement or grappling with the emotional impact of dividing parenting time.

By choosing to retain Cordry Hartman, LLC to provide legal representation of your family law matter, you can count on an attorney who will:

  • Provide personalized attention throughout the case,
  • Make a real effort to understand both your current and long-term goals,
  • Explain and help you evaluate your options for proceeding with a divorce,
  • Ensure that you understand what to expect from the divorce or custody proceedings,
  • Suggest innovative and collaborative solutions to help you reach an agreeable settlement agreement,
  • Provide regular updates about the progress of your case,
  • Protect your rights the entire time that your case is pending,
  • Advocate on your behalf through mediation, arbitration or litigation,
  • Provide honest and straightforward advice to help save time and reduce costs, and
  • Continue to work on your behalf to modify or enforce any settlement agreement in the future.

While other law firms may promise personalized attention from a seasoned family law attorney, at Cordry Hartman, LLC, we deliver on that promise. At Cordry Hartman, LLC, you will always have access to a seasoned attorney with decades of experience advocating on behalf of clients.

Attorney Credentials

Frances Hartman and Richard Cordry are both shareholders and practicing attorneys at Cordry Hartman, LLC. R. Francis Cordry has joined our family law practice and brings additional experience to our team. Our attorneys are dedicated to family law matters, including divorce, alimony and spousal support, child support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and post-divorce modification and enforcement of any related agreements between the parties. We are also experienced in personal injury law and civil rights law and are committed to providing our clients with full-service legal representation.

Frances Hartman has been practicing law throughout New Jersey for over 30 years, including in Moorestown, Atlantic City, and Cape May County. Her credentials include:

  • Graduated Moorestown High School in Moorestown, NJ.
  • Graduated Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Graduated Cum Laude at Widener University School of Law.
  • Engaged in family law practice for over 30 years, and has used her knowledge, skill, and expertise to get judgments on behalf of her clients.
  • Service on the Board of Governors of The Association of Trial Lawyers of America.

Richard Cordry is a highly successful litigator who has been practicing law for over three decades. He has recovered millions of dollars’ worth of compensation for his clients in personal injury and negligence lawsuits and now dedicates that experience to personal injury and family law cases in South Jersey. As a family law and divorce attorney, Richard Cordry brings the following to the table:

  • Creative negotiation skills,
  • Decades worth of in-court litigation experience,
  • The ability to successfully maximize compensation awards for clients,
  • Experience in evaluating assets to maximize settlement agreements,
  • Aggressive advocacy skills,
  • Substantial experience successfully winning compensation for clients in personal injury lawsuits, and
  • The ability to vigorously represent clients in contentious enforcement cases.

R. Francis Cordry has focused his practice on family law matters, including divorce, child custody, and child support disputes. He also handles criminal defense cases and cases involving motor vehicle violations. His credentials include:

  • Juris Doctor from Rutgers School of Law, Camden.
  • Bachelor’s degree from American University in Washington.
  • Graduate of Moorestown High School in Moorestown, NJ.

Contact Cordry Hartman, LLC for Guidance in Your Family Law Matter Today

If you have questions regarding a family law matter or have issues regarding a potential personal injury case or civil rights violation, contact our experienced team of lawyers for guidance today. Contact Cordry Hartman, LLC today for your free consultation with your family law matter. Our office is conveniently located at 505 S Lenola Rd Suite 224, Moorestown, NJ 08057. We serve clients throughout New Jersey, including in Moorestown, Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Marlton, Voorhees, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Salem County, and Atlantic County.

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