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Divorce impacts all aspects of an individual’s lives, but the primary impact can be felt at the emotional and financial levels. Whether or not you have children who may be impacted by the divorce, you need a strong and trustworthy legal team by your side to protect your rights every step of the way because disagreements can arise at any point before the divorce is finalized, or even after the final settlement has been negotiated and signed.

At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our divorce lawyers have decades of experience successfully helping clients in Burlington County through the divorce process, from anticipating potential consequences of the divorce to finalizing property settlement agreements and child custody arrangements. With experienced and knowledgeable support and guidance, the negative repercussions of divorce can be minimized so that you can move forward with your life. If you are considering divorce in Burlington County, contact the New Jersey divorce attorneys today so that we can discuss your options and potential alternatives for reaching the best possible settlement in your case.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces Under Burlington County, NJ Law

In Burlington County, married couples can either file for a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree to all of the terms of the divorce, including:

  • Alimony or spousal support payments,
  • Child custody arrangements,
  • Child support payments,
  • Property division, and/or
  • Division of marital debts and other liabilities.

Uncontested divorces are also known as “no-fault” divorces and are generally founded upon irreconcilable differences between the spouses that have lasted for at least six months in cases where there is no potential for reconciliation.

In a contested divorce, the spouses disagree over one or more key terms of the overall divorce settlement. An experienced divorce lawyer in Burlington County can work with the parties to reach an eventual final divorce settlement agreement through a variety of processes, including:

  • Mediation, where an impartial third party is involved in order to facilitate the negotiations but does not provide a final decision. The mediator is instead used to provide suggestions and foster reasonable conversation between the spouses.
  • Arbitration, which is similar to mediation in that an impartial third party facilitates the negotiations, but where both spouses agree to accept the arbitrator’s final decision regarding contested issues.
  • Collaborative divorce, where both spouses, their attorneys, and other related professionals work together to reach an agreement. This process may include real estate professionals, child specialists, financial experts, and other relevant parties, depending upon the circumstances and contested issues.
  • Trial. Divorce trial proceedings generally take place in the Family Division of the Superior Court in Burlington County and provide each spouse’s attorney with an opportunity to present evidence supporting their views and requests as to the final divorce settlement. A trial can stretch out for a significant period of time, and the judge eventually provides a final ruling on contested issues.

Divorce Lawyers at Cordry Hartman, LLC Provide Support and Guidance for Clients Throughout New Jersey

At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our experienced divorce lawyers are experienced in handling both contested and uncontested divorces. If you believe that you and your spouse are able to amicably agree on all major issues, we can help ensure that all agreed upon terms are properly documented and relevant paperwork is filed where needed. We also bring years of experience to work in hotly contested divorces where the relationship between the parties is hostile and pride ourselves on presenting rationale alternatives that can help our clients reach the most advantageous divorce settlement agreement possible under the circumstances. Contact our experienced team today for help with your contested divorce claim!

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At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our experienced team of divorce lawyers understand how emotionally complex the divorce process is. Our full-service family law team is here to provide guidance and support to our Burlington County clients throughout the entire process. Schedule a confidential consultation with one of our attorneys for your divorce today. Our office is conveniently located at 505 S Lenola Rd Suite 224, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

About Burlington County, NJ

Burlington County, New Jersey is the second largest county in the state by area, with a total area of 915.40 square miles. By population, however, Burlington County is only the 11th largest in New Jersey, with a total population of 448,596 as of 2017, which represents a small decrease from the 2010 population census in the area. Burlington County is located east of the Delaware River, in the Delaware Valley portion of the state, though the southeastern corner of the county stretches nearly to the Atlantic Ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions About Burlington County Divorce

FAQ: If my divorce is uncontested, why do I need a divorce lawyer?

The relationship between many divorcing spouses may initially appear to be amicable, but can quickly become contested if one party suddenly becomes aware of a negative aspect of a previously agreed upon issue. Even if both parties remain amicable, a divorce lawyer can be a valuable asset in helping you make sure that all required paperwork is completed, signed and properly filed, as well as in completely documenting the terms of your agreement to prevent any future misunderstandings.

FAQ: For what cities do you handle divorce cases in Burlington County, NJ ?

We serve clients throughout Burlington County, including MoorestownMt LaurelMarltonEveshamMedford, Medford Lakes, Cinnaminson, Maple Shade, Mount Holly and more…

FAQ: How long will a contested divorce in Burlington County take?

The New Jersey courts have provided that no divorce should take longer than 12 months to complete. As a result, even the most hotly contested divorces are usually resolved within a one-year period, absent extenuating circumstances that would justify a longer trial period. In some cases, mediation, arbitration or collaboration will add to this one-year period, especially if the parties opt to go to trial after non-binding mediation has failed.

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