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Top Rated Family Law Attorneys in Cherry Hill, NJ Advocate for Divorcing Clients’ Rights in New Jersey

The decision to file for divorce is often one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching decisions that an individual will have to make, especially in long-term relationships where children are a factor. As such, it is a decision that should never be entered into lightly, or without exploring all potential alternatives that could allow the marriage to be salvaged if the parties change their minds. If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Cherry Hill or elsewhere in New Jersey, consult with a skilled divorce lawyer prior to filing to ensure that you have considered all of your options leading up to divorce. Should you decide that divorce is the right option for you, we are here and ready to advocate for your rights and everything you are entitled to in a divorce proceeding.

Options for Clients Who Are Not Yet Ready for Divorce

Our attorneys believe that one of the first steps to divorce should always be taking the time to rationally evaluate whether the couple really wants the relationship to end, outside of the emotionally charged and combative environment that precedes many divorces. One potential option that can allow couples to make a realistic assessment of their desire for a divorce is a limited divorce, which is also known as a “divorce from bed and board”.

A limited divorce remains an option for clients who, for whatever reason, are not yet ready to agree to a final divorce. Limited divorces differ from final, or absolute, divorces, as follows:

  • The couple remains legally married unless one spouse petitions to have the limited divorce converted into a final divorce,
  • Both spouses have to agree to a limited divorce, while either spouse can petition the court for an absolute divorce over the other spouse’s objections, and
  • A limited divorce can be revoked if the couple decides to reconcile.

A court can order the same financial support arrangements as are available in an absolute divorce, including alimony, child support, and property division. In some cases, however, the couple can benefit to continue to own certain property as joint owners until they have decided to finalize the divorce. Many couples can benefit from a limited divorce because it gives each spouse time away from the marriage in order to evaluate the consequences of divorce under a sort of “trial run”. In many cases, the couple will reach an agreement between themselves without resort to the court. This contract will be legally enforceable between the parties as any other contract would be.

Some couples may be attracted to the limited divorce option because it can allow one spouse to remain on the other’s employer-sponsored health insurance and continue to receive survivor benefits under pension and retirement plans, if applicable. However, couples who choose this option will need to carefully consider their estate plans because the limited divorce ends a spouse’s right to take an elective share if one spouse dies during the period of divorce. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to speak with an attorney for your divorce.

Full-Service Divorce Lawyers at Cordry Hartman, LLC Help Clients Evaluate All Options in Cherry Hill, NJ

At Cordry Hartman, LLC, our attorneys have over 75 years of experience in practicing family law, and we emphasize the importance of negotiation and collaboration over the combative trial approach if at all possible—but we stand ready to fight for our clients in court if necessary. We present our clients with a range of potential alternatives both before, during and after the divorce proceedings themselves in order to develop a plan that best fits the needs of the particular client, considering all aspects of their present and future goals. We pride ourselves on being there for our clients through all stages of the divorce, and even long after the divorce has been finalized.

Schedule a Confidential Consultation Today

If you are having marital difficulties and would like to discuss your options for either a limited or absolute divorce, contact our experienced divorce lawyers to schedule a confidential consultation today. Our office is conveniently located at 505 S Lenola Rd Suite 224, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

About Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Hill is a township located in Camden County, New Jersey, near Philadelphia. As of 2010, Cherry Hill had a population of roughly 71,045, and was the second-largest township in Camden County. The first European settlers to the area were a group of Quakers who followed William Penn to the area in the late 17th century. The area became a part of Camden County in 1844, and grew rapidly after World War II through the 1980s. Currently, the Asian-American population in Cherry Hill is growing rapidly, and grew over 20 percent between 2010 and 2016. 58.6 percent of the households in Cherry Hill are comprised of married couples, and 31.2 percent of households had children under the age of 18 living in the home as of 2010.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherry Hill Divorce

FAQ: How do I determine whether I will have to split my property with a spouse that I am considering divorcing?

For many clients, the decision to divorce may be impacted by the potential effects of a property settlement agreement. In New Jersey, all marital property is subject to division on an equitable basis. However, even non-marital property that one spouse brings into the marriage may be subject to equitable division in certain cases. For example, if one spouse places inherited funds into a joint account that is shared with the other spouse, those funds may become subject to equitable division as marital property. An experienced divorce lawyer can help you evaluate your specific circumstances to determine whether your pre-marital property will be divided.

FAQ: Do you handle divorce cases in my area?

We serve clients throughout South Jersey, including in Cherry HillMt LaurelHaddonfieldMarltonEvesham, Moorestown, VoorheesMedfordCinnaminsonBurlington CountyCamden County, Gloucester County, Cumberland County, Cape May County, Salem County, and Atlantic County.

FAQ: If I decide that I want a final divorce, can I appeal the decision that the court eventually makes?

Yes. The appeals court will generally grant a certain amount of deference to the Family Court during the appeals process, but you do have the right to appeal a final divorce order. Questions that may be appealed without this level of deference involve whether the law was properly applied in the case, such as whether a piece of property should have been subject to equitable division. Your attorney will put together a brief that contains all of your arguments on appeal, including the legal rationale supporting these arguments.

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