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Is It Okay to Delete My Facebook During a Divorce?

divorce lawyer moorestown njDivorces can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. Each spouse may feel like they have to fight for their right to certain assets, or even custody of the children. This can lead to disagreements and even attempts at manipulating information in an attempt to receive a more favorable outcome. One of these actions is deleting social media accounts, including Facebook.
While it may seem like deleting a Facebook account during a divorce is a good idea to maintain your privacy, this can actually bring up suspicions. Deleting the account could make the other party determine that there is wrongdoing that you are trying to hide.

Things to Avoid on Social Media During a Divorce

Instead of deleting a Facebook account entirely, it may be more beneficial to filter what you share. It is recommended that you avoid the following:

  • Discussing the divorce on social media
  • Placing blame on social media
  • Posting photos of you drinking
  • Posting photos of a new partner
  • Posting photos or discussions of illegal activity
  • Posting inappropriate comments or discussions

Consequently, Facebook accounts can be used to show that you are a fit parent, or that you are not guilty of any wrongdoing. It is okay to share photos of your children, family, or other hobbies.

Additional Concerns to Consider When Going Through a Divorce

In addition to your Facebook, or other social media accounts, it can also be helpful to be aware of the following when going through a divorce:

  • Be careful about the details you share with your children
  • Avoid moving funds around in shared bank accounts
  • Avoid closing on new loans until the divorce is complete
  • Avoid any language that can be considered threatening

The feelings during a divorce are often intense, which can lead you to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. For this reason, it is best to work with a lawyer and let them handle the majority of the communications between you and your spouse.

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Unsure About Your Social Media Accounts?

If you’re unsure of whether you should delete your social media accounts, or what type of content you should share when going through a divorce, it can be helpful to reach out to a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer can help you evaluate the content and determine how likely it is to be used against you. In most cases, it is not a good idea to delete the account. It is likely that the other party already has captured anything they want to use against you on your accounts. Deleting the content now will only make you appear guilty. Instead, it is better to leave it and then consider how it may be used against you.

It is also possible for the other side to require you to keep your social media accounts up, at least until the divorce is completed. Failing to follow a court order could result in fines, as well as a less favorable outcome. A lawyer can also help you evaluate your ex-spouse’s social media accounts for any information that may be helpful to your case. For this reason, it is important to have your own legal representation representing you to ensure that your best interests are protected.

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