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Mediation in Divorce Cases

Mediation in Divorce Cases

Why Choose Divorce Mediation vs. Divorce Litigation?

Understanding how the meditation process works is important to any divorce in New Jersey. This alternative dispute resolution process is used by family lawyers at Cordry Hartman, LLC to help a couple to come to an agreement outside of court. This allows them to make decisions about the dissolution of their marriage and not put it in the hands of a judge.

The Case For Meditation

Meditation helps couples to save money. They also get to make the decisions themselves. It also is effective in that it helps the two parties to come to an agreement faster than any court process can. Also, meditation is helpful with urgent needs such as child custody or child support arrangements. Temporary settlements can be made before final agreements are drafted. It also is confidential and prevents any public exposure of someone’s private issues. Best of all, meditation helps a couple to end in a settlement for their issues. This approach allows a couple to control the divorce process and not have it be controlled by the courts. It also helps to build communication between both parties so that they can attempt to avoid conflicts in the future, too.

How It Works

Meditation works by helping both parties to learn how to communicate effectively and to work through their issue(s). A neutral expert, usually a family lawyer, helps them to resolve disputes. This meditator doesn’t provide legal advice during this process, but rather works with each party to help the other to understand their stance on an issue. Issues such as child custody, spousal support (otherwise known as alimony), property division and more can be resolved with meditation in Moorestown, NJ. Ultimately, this mediator helps to reduce the tension in the conflict and eliminate insults and negative talk during the process. A meditation session can be conducted with each party alone or by having each party together. This is the choice of the couple.

Negotiating an Agreement for Your Divorce in NJ

When these negotiations begin, a meditator may suggest the order of how to deal with the issues. Easier issues are a great way to start the process as it encourages compromise to occur and also builds trust between the two parties. A meditator helps the couple to stay on track and to brainstorm options for a resolution. They allow each person to express their opinions and what’s important to them. If the couple is willing to listen to the other, it will help make a resolution more likely in the long run. Ultimately, a compromise that works takes both person’s interests into account and leads to a better future of communication. Once negotiations are finished, an agreement is drafted, in which both parties sign. These documents are included with the rest of a couple’s divorce paperwork and becomes a part of the judgement overall. This means that a court could enforce the agreement if one party doesn’t follow the guidelines of this agreement. Ultimately, a meditator from our New Jersey law firm can help make your divorce legal process less stressful and more successful overall.

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