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Life After Divorce: 3 Survival Strategies

divorce lawyer moorestown njEven when a married couple makes the mutual decision to end their marriage, divorce often represents one of the most traumatic events that a person will go through. If you are contemplating divorce or are already in the process, below are a few coping strategies that might help get you through divorce and move on to the next stage of your life.

Find Family and Friends for Emotional Support

Arguably the most critical thing that any person going through divorce can do to help themselves is to put together a support network of family and friends that they can lean on. This can include having people who can help with housework or child care, or people that you can open up to about what you’re going through or who can make sure that you take the time to get out and enjoy yourself even when you may not feel like you want to.

If you find that family and friends are being a little stand-offish following your divorce, you can also consider seeking out a support group for individuals like yourself going through divorce.

Over time, you can continue to expand your circle of support to include neighbors or your children’s teachers who can help you cope with the demands of being a single parent if you find yourself in that situation.

Take Time for Self-Reflection

Getting divorced means you are no longer part of a couple. This can be quite jarring to people who largely defined themselves through their marriage or their role as a homemaker or caregiver to their children. The time following divorce is perfect for a period of self-reflection and redefining oneself as a single person. It is also a great opportunity for expanding one’s interests, including taking up new activities or hobbies (especially ones that interested you but that you never had the opportunity for during your marriage). Getting involved in new activities and hobbies can be a great way to direct your energy (especially if you find yourself restlessly thinking about your divorce) and to get out and meet new people or to strengthen the relationships with the people already in your life.

Soften the Blow for Your Kids

In many cases, divorce is just as hard, if not harder, on a couple’s children. Couples should make a concerted effort to soften the impact of their divorce for their children as much as possible. When parents let the strife and stress of their divorce land on their children, it can often lead to undesirable behaviors in children, including regressive behaviors in younger children like bedwetting or temper tantrums, or mental health issues in older children and teens such depression, low self-esteem, or risk-taking.

Above all, parents should strive to maintain an amicable relationship with one another in front of their children. This means avoiding discussing the details of your divorce with your children or criticizing your ex in front of your children. Parents should also never try to pull their children into the middle of their divorce or force children to “take sides” (such as by asking children what is going on in their other parent’s household).

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