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Top 10 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day After Divorce

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Day After DivorceDivorce can be hard any time of the year. Many recently divorced couples express certain times of the year can be harder than others, including Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is usually a time when couples everywhere are expressing their love for one another. This can make you feel even lonelier if you’re recently divorced.

However, keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is survivable. We have compiled a list of 10 tips for surviving Valentine’s Day after divorce:

1. Focus on Yourself

Self-care is important all year long, but it can be an especially beneficial coping method as you deal with Valentine’s Day. Focus on yourself and the things you like to do this month such as watching your favorite movie, meeting up with friends, or finally diving into that book you left on your nightstand. 

2. Make Plans

Making plans ahead of time of how you’ll spend Valentine’s Day can help deal with some of the dread. Many singles or divorced groups hold singles events or you can plan your own with family or friends. 

3. Make It a Family Event

Valentine’s Day may be about love, but it doesn’t have to be love for a spouse or partner. Plan an event with your children, siblings, or parents this Valentine’s Day.

4.  Buy Yourself a Gift

Who said you have to be in a relationship to enjoy gifts? Spend the money you might have if you were in a relationship on yourself.

5. Volunteer Your Time

There’s no better way to break out of a funk than to volunteer your time. Not only will it take things off your mind, but you’ll find that helping people can be healing, especially when you’re feeling down.

6. Be Patient With Yourself

It’s important to be patient with yourself during the divorce process and the first holidays you’ll be spending without them. Even if you’re happy that the divorce is complete, it’s normal to feel some sadness or loneliness, especially during this month.

7. Plan Your Own Party

If you have other single friends, plan a girl’s or guy’s night out. Make Valentine’s Day about your friendships rather than the celebration of a couple.

8. Take a Trip

You don’t need to be in a relationship to go big over Valentine’s Day weekend. A solo trip or a trip with friends to somewhere warm or a cabin in the mountains can be just as enjoyable.

9. Let Others Know What You Need

You may find that family and friends are always offering their help but are never there when you need it the most. In most cases, this may be because they don’t know how to help. Try to reframe your conversations with others to let them know what you need most during this difficult time.

10. Know When to Ask for Help

In addition to knowing when and how to ask family and friends for help, it’s also important to know when to seek professional help. If you have a hard time sleeping or doing things that you once enjoyed, it may be worth it to seek professional help. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a professional when dealing with something so life-changing as divorce.

Know Your Legal Rights

If you’re considering divorce, or are currently in the midst of one, it’s likely that you have a lot of questions. You may have a lot of questions about dividing finances or child support. Talking with a lawyer can help you better understand the divorce process. It can also help you protect your rights.

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