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Do’s and Don’ts For Your First Valentine’s Day After Divorce

divorce lawyer marlton njMost holidays tend to be difficult after divorce; however, the commercial holiday for love can seem like too much to handle. Valentine’s Day can be a wonderful day for some and a dreadful day for others.

However, if you’re single this February 14th you still can (and should) have a wonderful holiday. Here’s some do’s and don’ts for your first Valentine’s Day after divorce.

Don’t Go on Social Media

Nothing good can come out of going on social media on Valentines day, after a divorce. If you can’t help yourself scrolling through countless couples pictures, you may start to feel sorry for yourself. Although social media isn’t an accurate depiction of the real world, it can cause you to feel inferior. Remember, it’s not a good idea to check your ex’s accounts (if you still follow them).

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Don’t Turn to Alcohol

If you want a special drink to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that’s fine. If you are deciding to drink in an effort to help cope with your sadness or intrusive thoughts, then that will probably make matters worse. It’s likely that if you get drunk while you’re upset or angry, you might end up doing something that you will regret in the morning.

Don’t Allow Anxiety To Ruin Your Day

Try not to anticipate a horrible day on February 14th. If you are ruminating about your sadness or hopelessness then you’re going to cause yourself to feel more sad and hopeless. Although you may feel lonely this Valentine’s Day, remember, this is only temporary. If you have a more positive attitude then your moment of sadness will be only a moment and not a whole day.

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Do Treat Yourself

Treating yourself means something different to everybody! For some people a nice massage, warm bath, or bakery item will do the trick. If you love chocolates, flowers and gifts then indulge yourself because only you really know what you like! Self help tools like meditation, yoga and journaling can also help let go of any negative thoughts.

Do Focus On Loved Ones

If you have kids, treat them this Valentine’s Day. Show your kids that there’s more than just romantic love and celebrate the love you have for them. Try thinking of some other family members that may be having difficulty dealing with the holiday. You could help someone else who is in a similar position to help them feel less alone.

Do Something You Love

Hobbies are the best to make you feel happy and fulfilled. Remember, anything that will make you go outside or get in a little exercise is a huge plus! Even just listening to some of your favorite albums or podcasts can be a great escape.

Do Keep A Normal Routine

If you’d rather not acknowledge Valentine’s Day at all then stick to your normal routine. However, if you want to avoid the lovesick couples then we recommend staying far away from restaurants, the movies, and scenic parks. Valentine’s Day is only a commercialized holiday so if you want to treat it as any other day, you totally should! Indulge in some self maintenance, exercise, yoga and meeting up with other friends if you want.

Keep in mind, things will only get better from here. Grant yourself grace and try to maintain a positive outlook.

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