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How Long Does It Take to Receive a Tax Intercept for Child Support in 2020?

child support lawyer moorestown njRaising a child can be expensive. In addition to the usual costs of clothing, food, medical care, and housing, being a single parent can also affect your ability to work. The high cost of raising a child can make it even more frustrating when the other parent doesn’t provide you with the financial support they deserve.
Fortunately, the government has many rules in place to protect parents and ensure that funds, like tax returns, go to the supporting parent. However, it is not always clear on when you can expect those funds.

Determining Eligibility for the Tax Interception Program

It is important to first note that not all cases are eligible for tax interception. Owed child support must meet a minimum amount and where the parent files for tax interception makes a difference also.

How to File for Tax Interception

If you are owed child support and want to file for the program to have your child’s parents’ taxes potentially intersected, you can submit a form with the Federal Tax Refund Offset program. Filing this claim requires the following information:

  • Name of the parent who owes child support
  • The social security number of the parent
  • The amount of child support that is past due

Your local office will evaluate your case and determine whether or not you are eligible for the offset program. From here, the state will file a form with the Treasury Department’s Financial Management Services. They will then notify the parent who owes child support that they have been entered into the program and will have their taxes intercepted. This gives them a chance to contest it, if they do not agree with the debt.

What to Expect After Filing for the Tax Refund Offset Program

The state can expect to receive owed taxes from the individual within two-three weeks after filing the offset form. However, there are things that can complicate this timeline. For example, if the parent files jointly with another individual who is not responsible for child support, it may take some time to determine eligibility. In some cases, this can take up to six months, or even longer.

The amount of money intercepted through the program will vary, depending on many factors. It is also possible that the debt amount can change, especially if the parent continues not paying. The parent could also pay down some of their debt prior to the tax return being completed. This can result in more, or less, funds being intercepted through the program.

When to Discuss Your Child Support Case With a New Jersey Lawyer

When a court orders child support, it does not always mean that the parent will pay. Fortunately, there are many programs available that might help you collect the owed support. A child support lawyer who is familiar with New Jerseys’ laws can evaluate your case and determine which programs might work for you. Your lawyer can also help with filing for these programs.

Contact a Marlton Family Law Attorney for a Consultation About Child Support in New Jersey Today

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