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How COVID-19 is Impacting Divorce Cases

divorce lawyer moorestown njAs families are forced to shelter at home with the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold in every state, divorce has quickly become a mainstream topic. Those already in the process of divorce face many concerns as they worry about their cases not moving forward with the pandemic looming overhead. Our skilled family law attorneys at Cordry Hartman, LLC are here to assist you during these trying times. Please contact our firm at (856) 492-8711 for the help you deserve in your time of need.

How COVID-19 is Changing the Way That Courts Handle Divorce Cases

One of the major concerns that many families face is whether or not the courts are open and if their divorce will be moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey. Luckily, the courts are prepared to handle cases in a variety of different ways and have taken many steps to continue resolving divorce cases for those in need. The courts have adjusted to the needs of families during the pandemic and began taking video and telephone calls to handle hearings.

There have been many recent misconceptions that the courts are flooded with divorce cases at this time, but this is not the case. In fact, even despite the pandemic and people being forced to shelter in place, divorce rates have actually stayed pretty consistent in New Jersey and beyond.

The Trials of Handling Divorce Under One Roof

Many individuals believe that handling divorce under one roof with their spouse will be difficult to handle and could mean more arguments and fighting over matters. On top of that, spouses have concerns that there will be confidentiality matters involving their attorneys. However, there are solutions to these concerns.

Because of the fact that summer is fast approaching, many people find that they are able to take more walks to have a conversation with their legal counsel. If you worry about confidentiality and your spouse hearing what you have to say to your attorney, this is one way to ensure that your conversations are not being monitored. Many inquiries are also being submitted over email due to the pandemic, so a normal conversation you would have with your attorney can be completed this way if you wish.

An Overview on How the Divorce Process Works in Moorestown, NJ

Divorces in New Jersey are handled like lawsuits. One spouse will initially file for the divorce and the other will be served papers. The court will then schedule what is known as a discovery, which is when the spouses request information and documents from the other. A court settlement will then take place so that both parties can try to resolve matters without going to trial. However, if they are unable to do so, a trial will be scheduled. The judge will then decide on these issues and grant the divorce.

Divorce is not supposed to take longer than a year in New Jersey but spouses worry about this timeline being impacted by COVID-19. In some counties in New Jersey, there is a backlog in the courts due to the pandemic. Unresolved cases are being taken first in many cases, which might mean that a divorce will be delayed. However, judges are working quickly to resolve these matters for those in need.

Contact A Marlton Family Law Attorney For A Consultation About Divorce During COVID-19 In New Jersey Today

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, or if you have already started the divorce process and are dealing with another matter such as child custody, child support, or division of assets, you need to speak with a qualified attorney. The New Jersey family law attorneys at Cordry Hartman, LLC represent clients throughout the state, including Evesham Township, Mount Laurel, Cinnaminson, and Collingswood, New Jersey. We understand how challenging this time can be for you, which is why we will fight hard to protect your interests, and the interests of your loved ones, throughout the legal process. Call us at (856) 235-4511 or fill out our confidential contact form to schedule a consultation. We have an office conveniently located at 68 E. Main Street, Moorestown, NJ 08057.

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