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Avoid Common Summer Custody Issues

Summer and Custody: How to Avoid Conflicts
If you need help with your child custody schedule this summer, call the divorce lawyers at Cordy Hartman in Cherry Hill for a consultation.

As spring turns to summer, children and parents alike are hoping for a stress free fun-filled vacation. With the kids home from school, there is plenty of opportunity for quality time. The summer months are all about making long-lasting memories, but for divorced parents, a lack of communication and planning can ruin the summer. Although the summer should be all about family time, child custody issues can make the time from June-August more stressful than ever. Avoid the stress this summer and keep these helpful tips in mind.

Plan Ahead

Depending on your court order you may have already planned out visitation times for the summer and holidays. Some parents choose to split their time in long periods over the summer or some choose to have more frequent visitations. Working out the details of this scheduling plan will help avoid any conflicts such as the date and the time of the visitation and also the mode of communication. If you are in frequent conflict with your co-parent then it may be more wise to schedule long periods of visitation which will require less interaction. Many co-parents work in addition to parenting, so if you know you will need time off to spend time with your children, tell your boss ahead of time.

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Check in With Your Ex

The relationship between divorced parents differs from family to family. Some co-parents have a more difficult time communicating with each other than others. No matter the status of your relationship, sharing a child means that you must always work together in the child’s best interest. Although you may not communicate with your ex on a daily basis, it is helpful to check in once in a while, especially during the summer. Over the summer, plans might change and sometimes miscommunication happens. In order to make sure you and your ex are on the same page for the summer it would be good to have a meeting to talk. Talking virtually or through email is also really helpful for co-parents.

Communicate with Your Children

If you have older children they may already have plans for the summer. Check with your kids to see if they have any plans with their friends for how they would like to spend their time in the summer. It is best to see what your child’s plans are ahead of time, but if something comes up at the last minute then it is good to have open communication.

Opt for A Structured Schedule

It is difficult to keep children occupied in the summer, which is why many parents opt to have their kids go to a summer camp. Summer camp is a great way to have some sort of structured schedule and it allows your kids to make friends and do something they’re interested in. Another option for older kids is getting a summer job.

Avoid Confusion Over Child Support

Sometimes the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support if they are not seeing their child for a long period of time. Even in a situation where the non-custodial parent will not be visiting their child for a long period of time they still must pay child support and can face penalties if they fail to do so. Make sure to be comfortable with the terms the court has set out, so you may avoid any child support issue.

When to Speak with An Attorney

Hopefully you will avoid any conflict and have a wonderful, happy and healthy summer. However, if that’s not the case and you are having child custody issues you may want to speak with an attorney. If you want to make modifications to your child custody agreement or you feel like you just need a consultation then you should talk to an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

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