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Top 5 Unexpected Emotions You Might Encounter During Your Divorce

Top 5 Unexpected Emotions You Might Encounter During Your DivorceUnderstandably, a divorce may bring on a lot of emotions. Many of these emotions you might not even realize until the divorce is in process and they’re right in front of you. Here are five of the most common:


Divorce on its own can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Once the divorce is complete, you are likely to experience a good amount of relief. This may be due to the legal proceedings being over or that a troubling marriage is a thing of the past. Either way, this relief can be a welcomed emotion.


It is not uncommon to feel lonely during and following a divorce. You spent a lot of your life living with another person, regardless of how good or bad the marriage was.


Some guilt is also possible. In addition to wondering the what-ifs, you may feel guilty about other aspects of the divorce, like determining a shared custody agreement.


You might also feel curious about your future and what it holds after your divorce. The future is uncertain and you’re likely to be curious as to what you could expect in terms of your family, career, hobbies, and dating. This might also be combined with feelings of hope or adventure.


Fear is also a normal feeling to experience in a divorce. With an unexpected future, you may fear what this means for you. It is normal to be fearful of this next phase of your life.

It’s also important to note that these feelings may come and go. Also, don’t be alarmed if you feel a mixture of all of them at the same time. For example, you might feel curious about your future, but then also be fearful of putting yourself out there. While you cannot always control what happens, knowing what to expect can be helpful.

How a Divorce Mediator Can Help

You can’t begin to deal with these types of feelings until you have completed your lengthy divorce process. Whether you’re considering divorce, or you’re already navigating your way through the New Jersey divorce court, a divorce mediator can be a useful resource. These strong feelings and emotions can hinder the divorce proceedings. 

It can make it difficult to negotiate, or calmly discuss things like child custody. This is where a divorce mediator can come in to help. When you can separate the strong, although normal, feelings that come with a divorcee, you and your ex-spouse can then move on to the negotiations that matter. A divorce mediator can help with the following tasks:

  •       Putting your children’s needs first and coming up with a fair custody agreement.
  •       Navigating you through the divorce proceedings, leading to less stress.
  •       A structured process that helps you think clearly, without emotions.
  •       Helping to ensure your legal rights are protected.

While a lot of lawyers may offer divorce services, you need a lawyer who is specialized in New Jersey divorce. This is because a real divorce is made up of much more than dividing your assets. It also includes all these ever-changing, important emotions. When you choose a divorce lawyer who is compassionate to these different emotions, you can ensure that your rights and best interests are protected throughout the divorce process.

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