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The First Thanksgiving After Divorce: 4 Tips for Co-Parents

The First Thanksgiving After Divorce: 4 Tips for Co-ParentsNavigating the holidays after a divorce can be overwhelming. The traditions that you once followed may no longer be an option. Depending on your child custody agreement and visitation schedule, you may not even have your child on Thanksgiving this year. If this is your first Thanksgiving after divorce, here are a few tips to help you navigate it with your co-parent. 

1. Follow Your Previously Agreed-Upon Schedule

You and your spouse may have already discussed the holidays. If this is the case, it may make the most sense to follow your previously agreed-upon schedule. If you changed your mind, and want to adjust your schedule for the holidays, you’ll likely have to discuss these changes with your former spouse. 

For this reason, it can be helpful to consider things like holiday schedules when first navigating your divorce and child custody agreement. There are a variety of ways to ensure fairness. You may split the holidays, either with your child spending it with your ex-spouse this year, and you the next year, or alternating the holidays. You may also split the weekend of the holiday, so your child can attend all family holiday events.

2. Create New Traditions

This is a good time to create new family traditions. The family is already adjusting to change, so finding new ways to celebrate the holidays may be doable. Think about previous traditions and how you can adjust them to work with the new family dynamics. Find ways to incorporate previous traditions into new ones.

3. Manage Your Expectations

The holidays will look and feel different for a few years. Even if you have custody of your child on this year’s Thanksgiving, your spouse won’t be there. This may mean you’re not attending their family’s celebrations, or instead of hosting, you’re going out for dinner. Try to manage your expectations ahead of time.

4. Focus On You

Navigating a divorce can be difficult, even if the divorce was amicable for everyone involved. It can leave you feeling isolated and unsure about your future. Take this year to focus on yourself and what you need to move on. This may include spending the holidays with friends or family. It may also include having your own celebration. Recognize that you can’t control everything and that you may not have your child on Thanksgiving.

Learn to accept that this is okay and that you can still celebrate Thanksgiving with them on a different date. It’s also important not to feel obligated on what you have to and shouldn’t do. If you don’t feel like cooking this year, don’t. If you don’t want to decorate, don’t. Find new traditions that you enjoy.

Going Through a Divorce or Have Child Custody Concerns?

If you’re considering divorce or are trying to figure out a child custody agreement that works for the family, it can be beneficial to talk with a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer can not only help you with protecting your legal rights but can also help you negotiate an agreement that works for everyone. Your lawyer can also be a useful resource for adjusting an existing agreement.

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