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The Advantages of Divorcing in the Summer


The Advantages of Divorcing in the SummerIt may never seem like the right time to go through with a divorce. The school year may seem too busy and hectic to change your child’s schedule. Summer is the time of year that many families look forward to, and a divorce can put a damper on everyone’s moods. However, there are a few good reasons to consider divorce in the summer months.

It Gives Children Time to Adapt

A divorce requires a period of adaption for the whole family. Because children are out of school for the summer months, this may give them more time to adjust. Children also won’t have to worry about homework or upcoming tests, which could make for a stressful time. Some parents may also have the opportunity to spend more time with their child during the summer months.

Longer Days with More Sunshine

The sunshine on a warm, sunny day can be an instant mood improver. You can help your child deal with an upcoming divorce by spending more time with them outdoors. Take them to their favorite park or go on long walks where you can discuss the divorce and what it means in-depth with them.

Less Busy Court Days

Courtrooms tend to slow down in the summer months. This means that you may be able to speed up the paperwork and begin moving on faster.

Vacations Can Help Children Adjust

One of the hardest parts of a divorce for children is adjusting to a new home life. Because children are on vacation from school, it gives families the opportunity to try out different living situations. You can take your child on vacation without the other parent, which can help them try out these new dynamics. Your child can also spend more time with whichever parent they prefer or extended family members since they don’t have to be at school in the morning.

More Time Spent with Friends and Family

Spending time with friends and family can help everyone in the family cope. Summer breaks and BBQs can give families more time with friends and family. The free time can also give parents more time to discuss children and schedules that may work for the upcoming school year.

It may seem like there’s never a good time to go through with a divorce. But, if you and your spouse have already decided that a divorce is likely, summer may be the best time to go through with it. Adding the stress of a divorce to the normal school year can make it difficult for everyone to adjust. The summer months already lead to a change in schedules for most families, so trying out new things may feel more natural.

If you and your family are struggling to find a child custody agreement that works, it may be worth it to reach out to a divorce lawyer or negotiator. Having a third-party person who is familiar with the ins and outs of divorce in New Jersey can help you navigate the many stresses that come with planning a divorce.

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